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15-Sep-2010: Centrallix 0.9.1 is now released, in RPM, SRPM, and TGZ formats. This is a development release, catching up on all of the additions and changes we've made. Our apologies for the long time between releases!

11-Apr-2008: Centrallix 0.9.0 is now officially released, in RPM, SRPM, and TGZ formats. This is a development release providing such new features as enhanced QBF, full Firefox support, layout improvements, additional declarative development functionality, and custom component widgets (including dynamically loadable components).


SourceForge Logo

Special thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project on their site. They have been a premier contributor to the development of Open Source software over the past few years.

LightSys Logo

LightSys (www.LightSys.org), the primary developer of Centrallix, has been involved in Open Source software for some time. LightSys is a charitable non-profit organization.


The Centrallix project is a member of CODN.

Taylor University CSS Dept. (http://www.css.taylor.edu/) has contributed greatly to Centrallix via the participation of an "Open Source" special topics class, a couple of academic class projects using Centrallix, and student interns working on Centrallix at LightSys during summers.

The Centrallix Application Platform

Our Vision: A platform which enables open-source community-built business applications which can span the gap of widely varied data storage, adapt to changing technologies, make possible local customization and centralized updates, and multiply the effectiveness of both programmers and non-programmers alike.

Centrallix is an open source (mostly GPL) framework and application platform, specializing in:

  • Rich web-based application deployment using DHTML/AJAX technology (since late 1998!).
  • Data abstraction - your data can be stored in databases, CSV files, emails, files, XML, and more. And you can use SQL to bring it all together.
  • Application abstraction your application is distinct from the deployment method (such as HTTP/DHTML), so other deployment / presentation methods can later be added.
  • Applications as Data - applications are written declaratively, as structured information, and can be stored in any of several forms.
  • A Fractal perspective on data detail - information can be accessed in a simple manner regardless of its depth of linking and embedding. For example, you can (ideally!) run a SQL query on the rows in a CSV file, attached to a MIME email, stored on a POP3 server, pointed to by a file on the local filesystem. Or, run a SQL query against items in an RDF XML file stored on a remote web server, linked to by a file in the local filesystem. All without procedural code!

And... it's different than what you think!

Purpose: Community

Centrallix is a purpose-driven project, with the ultimate goal of being a platform for community-built applications needing:

  • Ease of deployment.
  • Technological longevity & survivability.
  • Low costs (both for organizations deploying applications and for developers helping build such applications).
  • Ease of customization of applications, and ease of collaborative development.
  • A strong policy-driven security model.
  • Flexible data access.
  • Connectedness even when communication infrastructures are minimal or unreliable.

Current Status

Current Release: 0.9.1 (September 2010)
Current Stability: Development / Unstable.
Next Development Release: 0.9.2 (Scheduled for late 2010)

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