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Quick Install...

1. Download the "Everything" package in the package format you need.

Download Information

2. Check its SHA1SUM and unpack its contents.

sha1sum centrallix-everything-0.9.1-0-el5binary-rpm.tgz

See: SHA1 checksums on Download Information page

tar -xzvf centrallix-everything-0.9.1-0-el5binary-rpm.tgz

3a. EITHER install the packages (example below, you might want to install more packages than shown, or using a different package manager)

rpm --install centrallix-0.9.1-0.el5.i386.rpm centrallix-lib-0.9.1-0.el5.i386.rpm centrallix-os-0.9.1-0.el5.noarch.rpm

3b. OR install from source (see below)

Detailed Installation Instructions

4. Please note that recent development releases (0.9.x) by default allow connections only from localhost (, since development releases are considered less stable, often with known security weaknesses. To change this default (see "important notes", below), edit /etc/centrallix.conf and change accept_localhost_only to 0:

accept_localhost_only = 0;

5. Start Centrallix (example for RH/Fedora/CentOS style systems)

service centrallix start

6. Point your browser at your new server, port 800 (default). For example:


Important Notes...

Check the SHA1 checksums after downloading and before installing for the best security assurance.

See: SHA1 checksums on Download Information page

Unless you're sure you know what you're doing, unstable releases (0.7.x, 0.9.x, etc.) should be treated with special care regarding security. You should firewall it from access from untrusted locations.

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