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Screen Shots

Below are some screenshots from sample Centrallix applications as well as actual live applications and some 'experiments'. Enjoy!

A preliminary screenshot from the Kardia project. This is a chart of accounts maintenance application, running under Firefox 2 with Centrallix 0.9.0, illustrating a data-driven treeview, linked data sources, and more. The data shown here is (obviously) fake. Another preliminary screenshot from the Kardia project. This is a name & address maintenance application, including a search screen involving searching through a SQL join. The search screen here is modal - which is why the other two windows in the background are dimmed out. A recent administrative application, running under Firefox 2 with Centrallix 0.9.0. This illustrates a pair of linked data sources, computed fields in tables, and the form_controls.cmp component being used for the "control" toolbar in two locations. (and, yes, all of the data is fake)
The 'sample applications' browser, running under Netscape with Centrallix 0.7.4 An application demoing tabs, windows, four simultaneous datasources, and used for testing Centrallix's "obscure/reveal" mechanism. Running under Netscape with Centrallix 0.7.4. A simple application with two linked datasources, one having both a form and a tabular view, with the warning box appearing due to unsaved data.
This is the obscure/reveal application again, but this time showing the debugger window allowing browsing of the DOM, viewing the debug log, and evaluating of expressions (yes, you can modify the DOM with this!) The Centrallix 0.7.5 "successful install" page running under Mozilla. This also demonstrates the auto-scaling function for applications so the application properly fits the size of the browser window. The "sample applications" browser again, this time under Mozilla with Centrallix 0.7.5. Notice the ability to view the structure of the object canvas app (treeview on the left) as well as view the source to the app (pane on the right).
And here is a demonstration application for the "Object Canvas" widget, displaying icons on a map, derived from a data source. The form in the foreground allows querying and modification of objects on the map. The data source in this case is a CSV file. And, yes, if you modify an X or Y coordinate, the icon on the map will indeed move! Here is the debug window from the obscure/reveal application running under Mozilla. In the foreground is a window in 'modify' mode for editing data for a month of the year. Also running under Mozilla and Centrallix 0.7.5, here is a quickie 'experiment' application for the Kardia project. Mostly we wanted to test the behavior of the drop-down menu widget and popup windows, and mess with the widget templating mechanism as well.
Here is a cropped screenshot of a Centrallix application that was built to manage recruiting contacts. This application is a prototype mailing list application. Displayed in the middle of the screen is Centrallix's Date/Time widget. Below is the debug window again, partly showing some of the Actions that can be linked to on an objectsource widget. This is an early version of the Kardia application, running under Centrallix. This system was a part of a demo during ICCM 2002.

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